US Issues A New Advisory Warning Against Travel To China, Hong kong

The US has issued a sweeping new advisory warning against travel to mainland China and Hong Kong, citing the risk of ‘arbitrary detention’ and ‘arbitrary enforcement of local laws’.

The advisory today is likely to heighten increasing tensions between the US and China over Hong Kong.

Tensions have spiked since Beijing’s imposition of a strict new national security law on Hong Kong in June, which has been met with a series of US punitive actions.

Earlier today, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said Taiwan has not disclosed information about the reported detentions of five Hong Kongers, who reportedly fled the region due to the national security law. 

The US advisory warned US citizens that China imposes ‘arbitrary detention and exit bans’ to compel cooperation with investigations.

Last month, the Trump administration suspended or terminated three bilateral agreements with Hong Kong covering extradition and tax exemptions.

Daily Mail

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